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Milton Israel Team

By combining decades of experience from multiple disciplines, Milton Israel provides complete end to end security solutions that remove customer frustrations, delays and costs. We have extensive service offerings with highly skilled and qualified security professionals, enabling us to complete projects from inception right through to completion.


We at Milton Israel take pride in our strong reputation for delivering solutions efficiently, with a “get the job done” attitude. We have great ethics towards business; honesty, reliability and trustworthiness, and never let our customers down. Issues happen. It’s how we deal with them that matters. We overcome technical difficulties, transparently to the end user. We are known for going the extra mile, and when you need us we are always there.


We are proud of what we do. Our security solutions keep people, businesses and assets safe. Milton Israel is unique in the security industry having what we believe to be the best combination of skills, people and expertise available. This allows us to design and implement the most appropriate security, telecom, or data solution based specifically on our customer needs and not dependent on what others can offer.


Pride in completing a project is one thing, seeing the results first hand for our customers is another. Our services offer peace of mind and often restoring a feeling of security and protection, this is the reason why our company exists. We put the same enthusiasm and drive into a town center CCTV installation as we do a single panic alarm or CCTV solution for an older, vulnerable or disabled person living alone. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and full warranty on all parts and labor .


2000+ people put their trust in us. What about you?